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Belfort Instrument Digiwx AWOS New SHIT product offerings -

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 28, 2009 9:18 pm    Post subject: Belfort Instrument Digiwx AWOS New SHIT product offerings - Reply with quote

May as well run another press release announcing Belfort's NEW SHIT
product offerings since they are running the same press release two
years in a row:

Belfort's NEW Motto:

" Quality you don't want at a price that will alarm you"

And with that, Belfort Instruments reintroduces three OLD tired,
outdated and antiquated weather instruments that are sure to
disappoint just like that Digiwx AWOS weather station.

For this, they received the 2008 YAWN Award from the American
Meteorological Society.

The Belfort Digiwx Aerovane Indicator: Series 140 (weighing in at a
hefty 15 lbs) is just a repainted Series 120 aerovane that is as big
as it is bulky. The body is made of the same ole dry rotted plastic
that Belfort has been using for decades. (The Belfort Aerovane makes
for great target shooting practice). The plastic propeller on the
front easily cracks after being exposed to direct sunlight. For a
sleeker more aerodynamic anemometer at less than half the price of a
costly Belfort Digiwx Aerovane, see R. M Young's anemometer at

The RM Young Model 05103 Wind Monitor can be found along every
interstate highway in the USA. Try finding a single Belfort Aerovane
anywhere. Even the U.S. Navy is replacing Belfort's outdated dinosaurs
with state-of-the-art ultrasonic anemometers black-labelled by Gill
Instruments of the United Kingdom.

The Belfort Digiwx Weighing Precipitation Gauge: AWPG 300/600/1000
(weighing in at a very hefty 30 lbs) is just a re-worked 50 plus year
old rain gage dinosaur. Read what Mary L. Tumbusch from the U.S.
GEOLOGICAL SURVEY (Water-Resources Investigations Report 03-4167)
wrote in 2003:

"The Belfort gage 5-780 uses mechanical linkages and analog chart
recorders, technology that is more than 50 years old. Many of the
Belfort gages have been collecting data in the field for more than 15
years. However, in 1997, the Belfort gages had more than 180 equipment
failures (Claybrooke and others, 2000). Concerns regarding the
reliability and labor intensive operation of the Belfort gages, and
the improvements made in precipitation gage technology, prompted the
NADP to evaluate the performance of more advanced weighing, all-
weather precipitation gages as possible replacements for the Belfort


The Belfort Digiwx AWOS Model 6500 Visibility Sensor (weighing in at a
very hefty 20 lbs) is just another UN-Approved, UN-Certified, UN-
Official heap of crap ready for the scrap heap. How many years
(plural) will it take Belfort Instruments to get this visibility
sensor FAA Approved for use on their defective AWOS weather station?

ANSWER: You don't have enough fingers and toes to count that high!

There is NOTHING NEW at Belfort Instruments Digiwx AWOS. With less
than 20 employees on the payroll, they just interview each other and
pass off the talking points in the form of an official press release.
WHAT A BUNCH OF PHUCKING HOGWASH! Digiwx AWOS weather stations are
being dismantled at several airports almost as fast as Belfort claims
to install new ones at different airports. IT A PHUCKING SHELL GAME!

How many Belfort Series 140 Aerovanes have you sold Ralph?
Where a actual user's list composed of paying customers?

How many Belfort AWPG 300/600/1000 rain gages have you sold Ralph?
Where a actual user's list composed of paying customers?

How many Belfort Model 6500 visibility sensors have you sold Ralph?
Where a actual user's list composed of paying customers?

Gotten any more speeding tickets lately Ralph???

About Belfort Instrument Company:

Belfort used to be a leading provider of weather instruments to the
government, professional meteorology and aviation markets. Key words:
"use to be." They never provided any wind sensors to the Wright
Brothers despite their fantastic assertion that they did! Historical
archives available at the U.S. Air Force National Museum (1100 Spaatz
Street, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH 45433) tells a very different story
and specifically mentions a "Richards" anemometer which Wilbur Wright
held as pictured at:
The Belfort aerovane wind system on U.S. Naval aircraft carriers are
currently being replaced with ultrasonic wind sensors from QPI (11207
Single Oak Road, Fredericksburg, VA 22407) which just won a $94
million dollar contract for the Moriah Wind System. Belfort wind speed
and direction anemometers found on the ASOS platform are now being
replaced with ultrasonic sensors from the Vaisala Group. Belfort
Instruments Model 6000 visibility sensor will no longer be a part of
the U.S. Air Force's OS-21/FSB program come early 2007. And despite a
$500,000 U.S. government grant from NASA's Small Aircraft
Transportation System (SATS) program in 2004 to build a low-cost
eilometer, Belfort didn't possess the technical smarts nor the
engineering know-how to accomplish the task. So now they're importing
the Eliasson CBME 80A laser eilometer from Muir Matheson. As one can
readily see, Belfort is no longer setting any standards of measurement
in the weather instrumentation world. And now Belfort is propagating
lie after lie about their fabled company history while trying to steal
thunder from the accomplishments of the Wright Brothers. According to
the National Museum of American History (12th Street and Constitution
Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20560), Belfort founder Julian Friez
never made it to Baltimore to set up shop until sometime in the 1890s
even though Belfort officials fradulently claim the company was
founded in 1876. Thus, there was no 125th anniversary for Belfort to
celebrate in 2001 even though they hosted a party to which no one
came! Belfort's proclamation that it is the "Oldest Weather Company in
the World" is simply yet another Belfort lie as Thomas Romney Robinson
invented the first wind anemometer in 1846, six years before Julian
Friez was born in 1852. Belfort doesn't even know it's own company
history so they just make it up! You should wonder what other crap
(eg. Digiwx AWOS) they also make up!

Belfort Instrument Company does business under several pseudonyms
including Advanced Retro Technology, Gamma Scientific, UDT Instruments
and RoadVista which are based in San Diego, CA, USA.

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