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Defense against UAV's
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Author Message
Bill Kambic

PostPosted: Fri Apr 10, 2009 9:10 am    Post subject: Re: Basic and possibly stupid question Reply with quote

On Thu, 9 Apr 2009 08:22:46 -0700 (PDT), Marine Airdale
<bill27612 (AT) gmail (DOT) com> wrote:

With all these pirates running loose why aren't ships defending
themselves with some real firepower?

Are deck guns no longer made?


There's no reason why Naval Armed Guards are not deployed on merchant
ships except that no one has asked for them.

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True American Patriot

PostPosted: Sat Apr 28, 2012 8:29 am    Post subject: Romney is Officially a Commie!! - Bain Capital is Secret Pol Reply with quote

GOLDMAN'S ROMNEY SAID: ""If you want to
know where his vision leads, open your
eyes. Lost jobs, lost homes, lost
dreams." SATANIC!!!!!

‘Several drunk troops behind bloodbath,
laughed on shooting-spree, burned corpses’

/ / Noorbinak, 8, told Hakim that the
[Bushite Nazi grunter] shooter first
shot her father’s dog. Then, Noorbinak
said in the video, he [the Bushite
Nazi grunting enemy of God] shot her
father in the foot and dragged her
mother by the hair. When her father
started screaming, he [the ENEMY of
ALL HUMANITY, the Bushite Nazi
grunting FOXSNEWS "Hero" gang
rapist] shot her father, \ \

Death to the Bushite enemy of America,
death to the enemies of US all. DBD.

(remember when "drunk" troops gunned down
countless young children on video by
apache helicopter while chanting "whoreah"??
Well, the true demon whore of Satan, Sarah
'the retard' Palin, now wears a diamond
crusted pin to celebrate these demonic
slaughters of the innocent on her lapel!,
of the phrase "whoreah", while giving her
all that matters to those wealthy facist
Republican Demonrats dying US further
innocent victims for their further
escape as war criminals for the
trillionare banksters who don't
cover our loans either.)

American Gang Rape victims say Bushite
grunting military labels them 'crazy'
in the Light of who's paying America?


Justice on 9/11 is a must if
we want freedom for this world.

How Did Mitt Romney Get So Obscenely Rich?

/ / At Bain, Mitt Romney closed over a thousand plants, stores, and
offices. He cut employee wages, benefits, and pensions. He laid off
American workers and outsourced their jobs to other countries. He and
his partners made hundreds of millions while taking companies
to bankruptcy.

Mitt Romney is the bane of America. \ \

Satanic more like. As is why he's backed
by the godless enemy of Freedom rightards.
Like a pro murder the innocent to rob from
US all terrorist Ted Nugent, or a.. well,
you as anyone honorable should get the
point by this following quote of the
pro war crimes demon.. GOLDMAN'S ROMNEY
SAID: ""If you want to know where his
vision leads, open your eyes. Lost jobs,
lost homes, lost dreams." SATANIC!!!!!

PROOF: Republicans are Evil bigots,
who whore for money to leave everyone
further undefended from lootings.

"Without using the evidence to form our
conclusions, on someone or 'something'
being guilty of clandestinely stealing
rights of others victimized, the bad
guys will for sure, still escape as
they plan." - King Johnny


I've explained in great detail how
Cofer Black commits these treasonous
murders TODAY for more and more money
paid out by Rumsfeld and Company at
the enemy Pentagon. See Conni Chung's
expose regarding Cofer and two others
being paid three billion dollars just
before 9/11 to 'investigate al-Qaida',
when all others, ALL OTHERS!!! through
W199i, were forbidden 'by law' to do
so in the name of the for real demon
ANTICHRIST with slave driver Clinton.
(Then note the clear phony bin Laden
with bushier eyebrows, and dyed
black beard, being watched live on
tv by bin Laden likely held kidnapped,
as grey haired through-out. Remember,
bin Laden was prepared to hand himself
over when the Bushite grunters started
bombing the starving innocent masses of
Afghanistan after escaping the Taliban.)
Kill a Bushite for God and America.

“the United States is at war with Islam
we ought to just recognize that” is
presented at a course for mid-rank
officers at the Joint Forces Staff
College in Norfolk, Virginia. DBD.
(Muhamed wills himself to not count...
(wow eh?)) God's Will is Just.

Ron Paul Openly Calls GOP Election Fraud

/ / The whole sorry criminal saga goes on
and on and at last Ron Paul calls it
for what it is \ \ BUT HE DOESN'T!!!

Alex Jones dared to suggest AGAIN it was
his "UN" that gave Obama and Hitlerly the
cover to indiscriminately slaughter
civilians in Lybia for al-Qeada, when
Gadaffy was not found in violation of
1976. As neither was Saddam with 1441.
Alex Jones the wealthy unfair blind
bigot is his tyranical "Globalist" liar
he warns all of US to stay clear of if
we truly want freedom from criminality.

The KONY 2012 Group Pals Around with Hitler

The Nazi Youth of Kony 2012 are siding
directly with HITLER in this piece
without questions.. Like, why don't
we as Humanity, demand every last
Republican Demonrat responsible
for funding the godless military
dictatorship of Uganda that guns
down innocent children and women
for more giving American tax monies,
(or as enemy NATO's al-Qeada officially
robbing all of Libya of Freedom for Satan
as I write..) be arrested immedately with
Bush and Cheney here on 9/11 to be
formally, publicly tried fairly
for execution as WAR CRIMINALS -
done right in the State of Texas
under the "Law of Parties" statute?.
All "Americans" in Texas too, that
support torture, or the war crimes
of Iraq, need to also be hunted down
and executed by the Christians,
Muslims, and Jews too formally
as fair, under that same LEGAL
statute. Torture warrants death
rightly according to Reagan and
every real man still breathing.
And, there was NO REASON to
indiscriminately slaughter millions
of Iraqis to steal all their money
and oil, for Saddam did everything
that was asked of himself, plus
more. Death to the Bushite, death
to the TRUE enemies of America,
God and Man. DBD.

You forward this post, or suffer
the contempt of silence for our
greater Humanity - Johnny 2012

Dennis Kucinich - "AL Qaeda flying
it's Flag over Libyan Courthouse"

A Real Man Speaks to America

By closing Police investigations, how do
we ever expect to nab the actual bad guys
someone ask Ron Paul, or those like him
that would rather leave You out as anyone.

A Bushite grunt does not serve any country.
A traitor to the flag, a traitor to You.
They bomb populated cities to mass murder
indiscriminately. Look at what they did
for al-Qeada in Libya. Die bushite die.

President Obama signed an executive order
Monday that will create a formal system
of indefinite detention..

War crime kidnapping, and torture
warrants death under standing American law.
They are already torturing American soldiers
for money.. not enough still for the
American to raise it's lifeless dying

Under Holder’s due process, U.S.
citizens subject to whim of ‘couple
of guys sitting around the CIA’

"The CIA" is Blackwater, and Blackwater
works cock in ass with KBR and Aegis'
South African death squad goons who
randomly gun down innocent peoples while
desecrating Elvis for entertainment.
Kill a Bushite for Christ, kill it
for America. Johnny 2012.

Magna Charta
"No free man shall be seized or imprisoned"

Don't except anything else
but a free to be we society


/ / The Quran mentions Jesus twenty-five
times, more often, by name, than Muhammad. \ \

'Nato sets fire to the Koran, then brags about it'

NATO's Bushite Nazi grunters in Afghanistan
tell of proudly burning the words of Christ,
in hopes more Peoples of Humanity will recognize
the grunter's Satanic hatred for God's Will
of Freedom for Any is Justice for All on
this Day.

Mossad/CIA murdered U.S. troops in Iraq

American nazi grunters actually broke
the cop killers out of prison, where
now they live as terrorists in Britain
apparently. Nazi grunting heroin pushers
who will to murder more our good police
officers for defending freedom with
stolen gains from the enemy Pentagon.
Do you care to demand war crime trials
to see these lawless Bushite enemies
of God rightly put under in America's
better name? Johnny for President.


/ / NATO warplanes bombed a group of small
children between the ages of 6-12, killing
six of them and wounding one other. \ \

A Good Word for Nazis

Nazis were no where near as evil
when the dope pushing Bushite grunters
arrest all military aged males (10-55)
to be taken away to be tortured to
death as American "freedom". Bombing
indiscriminately with radio-active
toxic waste that will kill precious
Life for thousands of years, and still,
the Rightard censor for furthering
tyranny commands OUR national media
discussion firing against the weak,
elderly, and poor. All to escape 9/11's
Bush and Cheney with al-Qeada, and the
banksters who never cover our loans.
Bush and Cheney need to be rightly
brought into cause-study awaiting
their war crimes trial for 9/11. Bushite
deserve rightly to die under the Laws
for murder in Texas, and war crimes
law excepted by every last civilized
Peoples. They torture, they rape, and
they push dope for the 9/11 perps final
escape, as true traitors to Johnny
and Life. God's Will is Just.

Cheney admits he gave the order to shoot down Flight 93,

Who would say what about "freedom" when
the Pentagon has openly 'lost' [stolen]
TRILLIONS according to auditors murdered
on 9/11 at the Pentagon where Cheney
refused to allow the plane be shot down.
Unlike, flight 93 which he takes credit
for. Honeywell confirms the flight
had radio remote control, and there
was an FAA report somewhere that talked
of the pilot regaining control..
Cheney and Bush are GUILTY of
Obstruction on 9/11, leastly.


Bushites Warring side by side with
Osama bin Laden's Army now in Lybia

1. The ISI's General, Mahmoud Ahmad funded 911's Atta

2. We have video of iron flowing like water from the towers

We refuse to sacrifice further for
the evil 'no opinion' TV bullshitters
all to make the final escape of
Bush and Cheney on 9/11. War criminals
suck. Truth is our way. as we are
freely being to make that stand
in the greatness of all there is.
And right now, there isn't much..
We have alot of work to do here People,
so, let's get started on the charge of
Obstruction by Bush and Cheney on
9/11, and NATO commanders as clearly
traitors to continue bombing anyone
else but guilty parties - namely,

Our Priorities Are: 9/11, the lawless wars, and
the Banksters. Justice will be sought. We have
to start somewhere, and here is as good as any..

Dozens of Women Describe Hell Of Being
Raped by The Nazi grunts in the US Military

Nations of Humanity, these Nazi American
war crime vermin war our Innocent Peoples
for ungodly lawlessness with radio-active
toxic waste to torture for godless tyranny
as the sworn enemies of every single last
one of US, which naturally, includes
themselves of which they care not in.
Let all men demand the execution of these
bushite nazi grunts, who rape American
women while claiming, no laws of God nor
man can put it into it's grave rightly,
for the Antichrist of Creation has deemed
it "Lawless". I HATE Bushite, as any real
man would. Americans are not men to remain
neutral on this, as they do regarding the
naked war treasons of Obama, Cheney and
Bush. Under the Johnny Administration,
we will support big cash rewards all
around for everyone that helps achieve
the 'impossible', of disallowing war
criminals to walk these streets alive
as heroes.

completely human

It's all about respecting the
rights of all for freedom as
the individual, to be all we
are as completely human. Here
here, a cheer to one and all.

FOX edits, fakes applause for
John Bolton pro-war statement

FOX News: "US has moral authority to
annihilate Iran because they're evil"

Realize: most near every last Cop
would rather the traitor war crime
grunt be put rightly into it's grave,
if all things need being said were done.

Fox edits out the audience booing
and replaces with it applause for war crimes!!

Remember, FOXSNEWS with the Supreme Court
have sided to actively work to kill Americans
by tricking them with lies for death.


Lies for death.

Pentagon Says it can MURDER AMERICANS and
not face an rightful death sentence at
the hands of every true American Defender


No evidence, person innocent. DIE BUSHITE DIE.

A Lost Rightard Never Has It

/ / You can’t attempt to detain someone until the police arrive
because “they always get away” without even seeing the person actually
commit a crime!!! That is a crime in itself!!!!! \ \

Above Everyone's Head

On Tuesday Alex Jones told that there
are these witnesses for the Trayvon
shooting claiming all, that Trayvon
approached Zimmerman at his car and
beat him up, proving that "..everything
Zimmerman said was true." (He also
told that Warren Buffett received more
from bail-outs than anyone else.. such
as those welfare trillioniare hedge
breakers he as Rightard enemy of US
poorer and ill never mentions?, or as
with anti-Justice Ron Paul not about that
stolen 16 trillion? as like him on the
TSA not following probable cause back
here with "puppet" Bush and Cheney on
mastering 9/11?) Alex Jones is blind as
evil is man, he just clearly is. As wills
to be ungodly tyrannical, instead of
humbly factual. He sells his better than
everybody Rightard bigotry, instead of
being a sound critic in lost reason as
measured factual. As such, AJ can
not find ourselves qualified
truly fairly for freedom as the
individual being respected here.
Rightard Bigots such as the Globalist
Alex Joners, as like too unfair racists,
would not hold leadership positions where
our rights truly count for something,
if freedom to naturally speak our minds
for Justice willing, ruled our ways

King Johnny for President


/ / Under the UN Charter it is the ultimate war crime for a nation to
initiate an aggressive war against another country that has not
attacked it or that does not pose an “imminent threat” of attack. \ \

Note to Alex Jones and his NWOers:
The UN did not okay the attack
against Libya, or Iraq, so.. don't
lie for war criminal Obama with
Bush and NATO. BP removed the
"safety fluid", causing the blow
up. Also, banksters do not cover
our loans, and the bail-outs are
extortion. Ooh, and torture
warrants death rightly, according
to standing eternal Law ushered
in stone by President Reagan.

Bush and Cheney stopped 9/11
police investigations, immediately
after the crime occured, as
obstructers to freedom for

Anyone as everyone, realize:
Alex Jones wills to not defend
US from these lying war mongers
on Iran too. He is either lost
to hear the truth, or remaining
silent over the criminal intent
to commit more war crimes as neocon.
Remember, the magic tv has conned
teen soldiers that are now dead
for no better good as reason
understood, but to die for
lawlessness in tyranny. Why
mass murder millions when any
as all things can be done to
preserve our innocent lives?

Panetta: US attack on Iran
would be more effective

More effective at putting Panetta
to a rightful death as war criminal
during the public trial. Again, they
have NO EVIDENCE to back their
highest of war crime frauds.

US military admits to guarding,
assisting lucrative opium trade

When along the trail does it become
illegal warranting immediate death as
naked treason? With the Bushite? the
DEA? Mexican Heroin kingpins? Or addict
teens trying to ease their growing pains?
Bushites are not defenders of Liberty in
America here on 9/11 either. I am running
for President of these United States

US admits Israel is arming and
training terrorist groups in Iran

These are Satanic war criminals needing
immediate death sentences imposed on
them from our militaries. All militaries
of every nation, must target for death,
these CRIMINALS who commit to terrorist
acts for mass murdering innocent folks
with false accusations in our public
arena of influences. Evil is real,
but it is also extremely stupid.

US Senate introduces bill backing
military response against Iran


Again, the Rightards are attempting
to steal America's soul. These Congress
peoples HAVE TO BE arrested under the
new democratically elected, King Johnny
Presidency for high treason. Why? THERE
ACCUSATIONS to commit first degree mass
murder - to sacrifice American teens
needlessly for ungodly SATANIC war
crime gains. DBD.


U.S. Military Officers Demand 911 Investigation

Well now, that just sounds American to me.
How about You?

Again, just what is the crime of the Taliban
to ask for evidence to form a conclusion as
reaching to Publicly nab those truly guilty
of 9/11 in New York City? I ask anyone?

Soldiers, My Friends

Soldiers, my friends. Understand, the
magic TV and every Republican has not
expressed a concern that al-Qeada is,
and has been openly financed by the
Pentagon. Nobody there truly cares to
be honest with you. Well, I do. I care
for the victims of these needless wars,
for the gang rape and torture victims.
I care for the millions of American
families that have had their homes
stolen, and their foods tainted.. I
care for the guys and gals who get
ripped off by our bad economics criminal
run lotteries, or government sanctioned
'health services' that do nothing to
treat deadly causes. I care for the
ignorant intolerant unclean masses who
for the life of themselves as bigots,
can't yet figure, the banksters do not
cover our loans, and that the bail-outs
are the crimes of extortion. True, I
am what some might call, occasionally,
intelligent beyond comprehension, BUT I,
unlike any other, will wide open
communications for real public debates
on where FACTUALLY we all could go from
here, with science as reason to measure
our achievements. Yes, it's true, once
in a while, I will make a Rightard out
to be truthfully dumber than shit, but
that's just our way, and in it self,
doesn't cost innocent lives. Support my
nomination, and I'll promise you here
and now, teen Soldier lives will not be
needlessly sacrificed by TV Con for
further ungodly tyranny. Or..

Grunts Assault Peaceful Peoples
Demanding Our Stolen Rights Back

These are not Cops dedicated to defend
Americans as being Bushite servants
of Evil - as is most certain when they
war side by side freely with the most
oppressive military dictatorships
on this planet. Ask anyone, when
the Bushite traitor to God and
Country dies, we all win a
better future saved from
indiscriminate mass

Gadaffy called for a cease fire, and
elections. And even if he top secretly
hadn't, still doesn't ever give al-Qeada
the right to steal our innocent lives.
Who there would have voted for Obama's
man, a known al-Qeada leader from Langely
Virginia to steal their banking and their
oil for BP? WHO?. Iran has a Treaty with
Canada and the U.S. by the way...
Rightards are as dumb as
they are evil.

There Was No Reason To Bomb

Understand, Alex Jones with George
Noory forbid this truth to be spoken
with every last Libertarian good for
nothing. "Fiat" is just another word
for credit, and isn't the issue, the
issue is trillionaires walking out of
OUR banks with OUR money, over loans
they never even cover to begin with.
With Glass Steagall gone, we have
investment Banksters not required to
put forward a REAL single red cent! Not
a fucking penny do they need to give
themselves, bad loans in the tens of
billions as it was so in Ireland,
then, the TV people made as lost to
blindly cover the loss. Instead of
getting our EXTORTED money returned.
See? This is why they give out a,
let's say, a billion dollar bad
loan to themselves, for they HOPE
To think, there are people on this
planet who have defrauded America
for more than a trillion dollars
personally, as reported by FRONTLINE,
and all they do, is war US further
to get a Republican "elected" to
make for their final escape with
Bush and Cheney.

Top Priority

Top priority. Justice for 911 Victims. Paper
ballots for fair elections on fixing to vote for
a public education on 'banking scams'. Us, and
them who hide and pretend who's all paying for
this there is something not publicly defined.
Because they are taking us for Rooked!
Banksters don't cover our loans.

Hillary Clinton 'We came, we saw, he died’


Peoples of Earth, look at what the
bigot evil American has brought US.
They still are mass murdering our
innocent friends and families for
Satan to steal from God, refusing
all Human beings on their TV and
national radios to demand Hitlery
and Obama be formally executed for
these continuing war crimes with
NATO, for Gadaffy WAS NOT in
violation with the U.N.'s 1976..
They could have done anything to
ask, and sided as evil with al-Qeada
to war crime, being proudly Zionist
enemy LIARS of a just merciful God.
Alex Jones tells their soldiers all,
"they just want to do the right
thing", while they rape Americans
and torture Americans, push dope onto
Americans, and grunt while bombing
our cities indiscriminately, to
finally escape Antichrist Bush and
Cheney on 9/11. Happy George Noory
threatens the lives of all American
teens to not refuse a criminal order,
else he claims, he'll go ballistic
against every last one of them who
believes they could one day become
men. He, like Zionist Alex Jones
falsely believes they can control
Your dying world, by simply refusing
the honest truth be spoken, such as
on Iraq, banking, BP, now Iran, and
so on. Let US all change their evil
ways by getting some accountablilty on
these matters of OURS. Americans die
for their cowardice, die for their
hatred of me speaking freely with the
facts they deny our Humanity. Such as
banksters not covering our loans we
blindly are forced against our wills
to pay them 'back' for sacrilegiously.
I demand I Be Heard Here. And not only
in the best of movies and music either.

Standing Ground

Look, nobody in America tales that this stand
your ground law, dissolves the criminal act
of murder. It, in it's best terms, is
redundant. It still requires the action of
defense to be measured just. If liar cheat
murderous thief Zimmerman claims only his
story to be the "facts", as then disclosed
to not adhere to our reality, we know he is
minimally being, clinically criminally insane.
Example: Zimmerman's father told, that to
express sympathy to victim Trayvon's family
as Obama had simply done, (and of Patriots
demanding public arrest and public trial of
Zimmerman for first degree murder), is to as
all, blindly express "hate" Zimmerman Snr.
claimed Rightardedly, just as like a racist
bigot does. What about the concern for the death
of an innocent American teenager here in John's
world? Zimmerman's bullshit doesn't square with
the documented facts, and he as the worse of all
KKKers truly knows it. Zimmerman got out of his
vehicle as ran after the innocent victim,
who he tells he believed was leaving his
chance to kill by approaching the "entrance".
Didn't just continue in his car, but got out
with a loaded gun because he wanted an
excuse to commit murder. Second, why would
Zimmerman call for help if he had a gun, as
not pinned on the ground splatered with
blood from the gun shot or the broken nose?
(not a drop on his shirt, or in the tv made
hole of his head for one frame of thousands)
And for Trayvon to have had screamed for
help, meant he was recoiling in fear of
falling innocent victim to a criminal with
a bigoted racist father not qualified to
be a man here never mind Judge. It wasn't
the "police work" job of a single bushite
grunter back from murdering children in
Iraq or pushing heroin from Afghanistan,
gang raping American women, or torturing,
to take Zimmerman's version for everything
- but to control the crime scene while
gathering the evidence! such as statements
from 9/11 callers and any other, to draw
time lines, of which he did not do until
near a week later, when We, the People,
got wind of this ungodly war crime going
down in the shadows. While the crime scene
wasn't investigated until near a month
later by the not so bright either FBI
as headed by complicit 9/11 actor Mueller.
So, we all can not expect much from those
who war America to escape Bush and Cheney.

We are of every colour in the rainbow.

Forward this post to one as all.

King Johnny for President.mp3 (26.13 MB)

Romney: Cut health care for the poor

The Rightard war criminals who start
these needless mass murders must be
made to pay instead of ourselves as
continuing innocent victims losing to
demonic lawlessness. Justice on 9/11
is a must if we want freedom for this
world. Forward this concern to anyone
as your own, please. Thanks.

Romney Calls for More Military Deaths

/ / not only in treasure, but in
blood," Romney promised the crowd. \ \

Commie pinko Romney takes our money
by running with China's OPPRESSIVE
secret police without apology. I ask:
Does the American Rightard
truly care for anyone here?

Romney Says Cut Department of Education

Everyone in the know knows what Romney is
here attacking America for banksters who
thieve from the godless TV Nation robbing
further, our binded as blinded Humanity in
broad daylight. Fuck you too, fuck you too.

U.S. tries to limit damage from
grisly Afghan photos of children
and school teachers murdered by
the Bushite grunting enemies of
Justice who hold up the severed
limbs to the cameras with shit
eating grins on their truly
demonic faces. Death to the
Bushite, death to the enemies
America, of God and Mankind.


'The Synagogue of Satan are an
occult power elite which, having
sacrilegiously rejected the
Messiah of Israel to steal in
God's good name' murderous
thieves as the factual matter

Example: to arrest Americans
to be held without trial is
called kidnapping, a CRIMINAL
Offense. Don't tell yourself
I am all alone on this, as
being serious business of
yours American, I mean,
seriously.. just imagine
third world dictatorship
mercenaries working as they
do, like Aegis does, side by
side with the bushite grunts
as the most ungodly evil
tyrants of lawlessness -
being Republican sanctioned,
'government always bad'
imprisonments of the only
found INNOCENT, to defend
who again as TV American?

Example 2: "Pre-emptive war"
is first degree mass murder,
and in Texas, does as would
rightly warrant death.

Republicans are Evil

I King Johnny am coming to hate the Republicans
for their contempt of God and Man. Sanatorium
told that the election was really about others
telling Republicans about how they should better
live their lives, and that was why Rightards war
crime Civilization. He then went on to say about
how regulations must all go, to the roar of the
degenerate Republican enemy. Regulations are
designed to defend innocent Americans from
falling further victims, like traffic lights,
but Republicans know that already. They are
thieves, they are KBR gang rapists, they are
first degree mass murderers pushing heroin
with Obama and al-Qeada, stealing the lives
of innocent millions they hold not even a word
of care for, but to report on CNN, that because
the tyrannical PRO-BUSH government of Syria is
not qualified to defend the rights of innocent
folks, NATO with the UN will indiscriminately
slaughter their civilian populations with
radio-active toxic waste to kill Life for
thousands of years for Satanic Nazi Israeli
and BP. Everyone knows what a Republican
is, it is a bag a shit.

Mr. Rush Limbaugh 'Conservative
people are walking human debris,'

Republicans are Evil traitors to our flag,
warring to kill America for Satan as the
good for nothings. Under the new Johnny
Presidency, America will stand proud and
strong as freedom being Justice for
everyone. You included.

Michigan Republicans Illegal

Highest of treason that warrants public trial.
The Republicans are falsely claiming here "we"
voted for un-elected dictatorship - as NAKEDLY
rigging the count. Openly, in Your face. Do
you care? or are you less than a man here to
tell something different. The time for you
to speak is now, for I have said my turn.

King Johnny for President

Obama: ‘I don’t mind debate’
but no to legalizing drugs

While the demon fuck pushes his heroin
as godless demon traitor to everything
American. The fuck has stolen trillions
with Romney and Goldman from America
left undefended for further lootings
- wake the fuck up. Everyone knows
what a Republican is, it is a bag
a shit. EVERYONE.

Bush team 'agreed plan to attack the
Taliban the day before September 11'

Condi Confesses to Plan
- Dated August 4th 2001

"if it refused to hand over Osama bin Laden"

For what? No evidence for anything was
Condi's "TOP SECRET" war crime plan to
escape the Neocons responsible for mass
murder on 911. Understand, THEY HAD NO
INVASION 'ESCAPING' the guilty Neocon.
(*The Taliban offered Laden to Clinton who
refused due to no evidence of conclusion)
They, the Taliban, were funded to the tune
of tens of millions by the Bushmob only
weeks prior to the 911 attack of mass
murder going down with Blackwater's pre-set
explosives in Bulding Seven. Pre-planned by
Cofer Black and Company who are responsible
too, for advancing more war crime drone
strikes, as bombing runs against innocent
citizens, or kidnapping innocent folks for
torture to places like lawless Gitmo. While
the Banksters make further get aways with
STOLEN trillions and trillions and trillions,
paying off Obama and Romney to go after the
made weaker and poorer to sacrifice America
further in 'free trade' competition with the
very worst of military dictatorships. Do
you know what a trillionaire Hedge Fund
Breaker that takes "no risks" is in other
words not expressed present on TV in this
devaluation of our higher costs for products
and services, or lower pensions and pay
grades for example? The Hedge Fund Breaker
has no special skills at par above all
others, just the 'given' right to get away
ripping us all off further our credit in
broad daylight. We will instead fairness
for all parties.

Loose Change Final Cut (FULL VERSION)

What's the crime of Johnny Taliban to
ask for evidence to form a conclusion?
(Remember, Taliban funded by Bushmob)

Child RAPE Condoned by Rumsfeld

These bushite enemies will gang rape your
American wife as KBR, and claim that FOX
rightly always sells they are heroic for
doing everything ungodly criminal without
question. They, the heroin pushing bushite
grunting enemy of God in Afghanistan, who
have made it "legal" to abuse females, are
the lawless enemy to every single last one
of us everywhere still denied Justice here,
until now.

/ / nine Afghan boys [under 12] were
gunned down by two attack helicopters \ \

Where are the Americans as Silent on all
this Commie Pinko Republicanism? We know
the Nazi grunters of NATO freely admit to
have gunned down countless helpless innocent
children without appology, while pushing
heroin stealing billions each month from
dying America. Guilty war crime traitor
Anderson Cooper now reports 'our' wills to
indiscriminately slaughter the civilian
population of Syria as al-Qeada with radio
active toxic waste for similar crimes while
giggling as enemy McCainiac. Anything to
escape Antichrist George Walker Bush and
Cheney for closing outstanding 9/11 police
investigations immediately after the crimes
of high treason occured. This will not do
if we want freedom from tyranny for our
worlds. Vote King Johnny for President.

RNC chairman “This war on women is a fiction.”

To HATE the Republican, is to love Justice,
God, and Life.

Republicans for Rape

Lord Jesus Christ “I know thy works, and
tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich)
and I know the blasphemy of them which say
they are Jews, and are not, but are the
synagogue of Satan.” (Rev. 2:9-10)

Bankers Do Not Cover Our Loans

The Muslim Jewish Christ is Awareness
Ourselves. 'Yeah yeah' you say? No, I
can explain it in about 60'ish seconds.
Disagree? Perfectly fine, for the
definition is naturally dynamic, with
defenses that are incredibly simple
if you had the mind to read any Bible
as a timeless work of wonder. Arguing
the certainty of uncertainty is
pointless with a grunter too, who
doesn't want US to freely communicate
our common cause against first degree
mass murderers of our innocent friends
and family robbed of everything. Justice
is Freedom to Be Whatever Man. Go your
own way not to deny that same privilege
to innocent others, and you'll be walking
a clear path free of our Nature's wrath.
Only is simply fair as wagered. Don't
believe in the Golden Rule? Or Quuantum
effects as physicists who aren't crazy
(yet!) call "Spooky"? Oh you will.
Life is Amazing! .Forward this.

Corrupt Canadian Banking System

King for Good Reason

Ungodly to all Zionist enemy liar "Jews"
who openly will to deny Human Rights from
everyone as thieves of anyone's property,
(Yours included..) ..is just plain evil.
First strike targets in Lebanon were innocent
Jews for example, and Nazi Israel's garbage
dumps are frequented by starving Jews who
the "Jews" in charge over there, have stated
Publicly, they'd rather see as the innocent
suffer, as to then, attract more charitable
aid they can use elsewhere. It makes their
major newspapers when the stories break. The
tin can rockets could have been stopped
decades ago. But the Rightard claims,
reading like facts, is for the stupid
people. Sarah Palin openly tried to con
America for world war as the bad guy mass
murderer. Social Security is a 2% 'Trust',
and Medicare has an overhead of less than
2%, compared to giving 30 percent of your
health investment to a billionaire insurance
breaker, who would rather see you die before
eating into his thoughtless takes. (Bushite
grunting war criminals deserve to die how
about?). Banksters do not cover our loans,
we do. The bail-out is massive frauds by
extortion. A 27+ TRILLION dollar scam, they
say we still owe them now even more then ever
before for. The trillioniare Banksters along
with the poor wise folk hurtin', know this
to be so, that they on magic TV would have
us rather not succeed as fairness for all
parties, instead stuck where unjust bigots
thrive in selfishness. The light of God is
a natural here. This is the truest thing I
tale. As Creator, I'm here to tell you,
You're not suppose to be this stupid.

Bush and Cheney's Escape

"US Army sending hardcore
neo-Nazi troops to Afghanistan"
[now, 'policing' American
streets for terror]

Not American. Yeah, I've been calling them
Bushites, but whatever, not freedom fighters
that's for sure.

'active-duty Marine.. Norteno gang.. shoots two
random police officers killing one, FOXNEWS Hero'

Nazi Gangs in the U.S. Military

"Moral Waiver" Morality not required when raping
and mass murdering Afghans to push dope with Enron
escaping Bush and Cheney for 9/11.

Mr. all good no, but not half bad sometimes
Alex Jones "Patriots never target civilians."

Congress Approves Insider Threat Detection
Program to Combat Leakers of Criminal Malfeasance



U.S. District Vaughn Walker “A citizen may
not gain standing by claiming a right to have the
government follow the law,

But then, that would be a citizen in government
being a for sure criminal. Un-American. So, a
standing among whom? Criminal Judges who should
be in our prisons awaiting a death sentence for
high treason?


/ / It's amazing to see, no matter how
much truth you show people, they
still fall for this war propaganda. \ \

What about the fact that the Satanic Zionist
enemy of God, is lying in our tv faces about
their goodness of willing to mass murder our
loved families?, including Nazi Israeli's
first strike targets being the innocent Jews
of Iran?, as it was in Lebanon? Why does
this evil exist, where the Rightard bigot
can't find our Humanity within itself, to
say these ungodly demon liars are not
telling facts with what is truly understood?
American soldiers are needlessly sent to
their deaths as indiscriminate mass
murderers, and tv Americans instead report
by the word of a "Military Intelligence"
disfunctioning illiterate TRAITOR, that Iran
funds al-Qeada in Iraq and Afghanistan?
(but not in Libya or Syria?) Yet, the third
infantry as led by a Saudi, left all weapons
depots in Iraq un-defended to purposefully
get killed American GIs for more stolen
gains, (see Qaqaa) just as they die proudly
for KBR rapists and pushing heroin for Bush
and Cheney today. Cheney and Bush closed
9/11 Police Investigations immediately after
the crime occurred. Banksters do not cover
our loans. Alex Jones sucks. Understand,
Alex Jones sells that the governed is
"always" bad, and it would be only better to
give everything privatized to the superior
genius minded Globalist blindly, so that
way, wiser men and women will not achieve
free communications about following probable
cause - as Justice equaling freedom is the
liberated mind of free souls. This is a
truth thing, as is why, Alex Jones can't let
a real man like me to speak openly here and
now for Justice as this day. We make him
look dumb and or evil as he honestly is.

Don't be a TeaBag from JonesTown, be
a man or woman thang, bringing it Home.

We Don't Know Where 2.3 TRILLION Dollars Went!

These be ENEMIES of America's Defense, who
ROB America of trillions, clearly. Look, if
you were legitimately protecting America as
innocent victim, you would want to know
where every trillions is going.. Instead,
they war America as pro-torture grunters to
not have the sacrificing People ACTUALLY KNOW
what happens to near around 80%, EIGHTY
PERCENT!. 80% that the TAXED American pays
the Pentagon to Claim; they as most in
Congress have no interest in knowing about
9/11 either. So, so must with 'Socialist'
Obama, attack the elderly and poor. It's too
tricky apparently to the PAYING TV American,
but everyone else needs to get calculating
quick on this. We need Public FBI Warrants
for arrest to stop further lawless plundering
by those who steal our lives through NATO.
Done all above board with the lights on.


Bush "There’s no need to discuss
evidence of innocence or guilt."


Your paying a private insurance company, when
in truth, you need not pay them a pretty Penny.

Mitt Romney Kicks Out Journalist Over FED, Goldman Sachs Questions

The silence tells all.

King Johnny for President

Truth of Consequence

Sanatorium "Pick any other Republcan in
the country! He is the worst Republican,
in the country, to put up against Barack

NYT "You said, Mitt Romney was the worst
Republican in the country. IS THAT TRUE?"

Sanatorium "Stop lying.."

Obama's near dumb as evil health care plan
is directly from the Republican play book
championed in 1993. And a plan that Romney
spoke the greatness for nationally, and that
Obama condemned as clearly stupid. Stating
something as Obama did, 'it's like making a
law that the homeless must be forced to
purchase a home.'. And no., it's just that
your being taxed to pay Zillionaire
insurance BANKSTERS for doing nothing but
issuing Your checks, while stealing away an
easy thirty percent from the bottom to
rather see US dead. Thirty percent of
300,000,000 is 90 million paying to die as
suckers. Does it seem to make for good
money after a bad to anyone watching TV
smiling today, to have some private bankster
collect our waged taxes as then giving away
our public interest for their ill gain to
further sacrifice our standards of health by
minimally THIRTY PERCENT? From what would
be otherwise, (as in a true Trust), spent to
desperately pay for what needs to be done in
our dying forsaken names as the made into
less thans here? Ungodly TV America's
Congress is able to Trust for themselves
and their immediate families without a hitch
through the FEHBP, and too, for all those
who volunteer to commit the very worst of
war crimes to escape the 9/11 perps. Side
by side with KBR's lawless gang rapists and
lawless Blackwater al-Qeada CIA torturers,
lawless indiscriminate bombers of
radio-active toxic waste, and lawless heroin
pushing America killers. A good example is
the lawless grunt dressed up in a Cop's
Uniform, who use a U.S. military grade
"neural-toxin" pepper spray on NYC women and
children to sell blinded without Leadership,
'They are too, honorable men of the good old
red white and blue'? I don't think so, at
least while blindly sold in the official
name of the thieving Pentagon enemy escaping
with stolen trillions. All these Demonrat
Republican bribe takers do this to sacrifice
any as all American teen soldiers without
questioning. While importantly, again,
these unlawful enemies to all as America's
Congress, demand no such foolishness be done
in for themselves privately as commie pinko
war criminals. We are born to rule too.

Look, read this:

GOP Bill Ending Medicare

/ / Senators, if you really want to impress us, stop funding that
clinic and start actually using the federal insurance you have. Then
you'll understand how the rest of us live: \ \ THIS IS A LIE.

FEHBP in gold plated, specifically for
Ron Paul's treasonous family who speak
nothing for 9/11, or against the
special privileges they don't deny
for themselves, but they do for all
the little peoples here left cheated.

America needs sound critics against
further foolish lawlessness by pirates
of our air-waves, and I'm the guy to do
just that for victory.

Justice to the war criminals of indiscriminate
warfare would better serve ourselves to halt
for our safety. The bushmob did 911.

1. The ISI's General, Mahmoud Ahmad funded 911's Atta

2. We have video of iron flowing like water from the towers

So, instead of fighting for Justice to preserve
freedom, America is lawlessly still led by
those who demonically claim we don't need
evidence to form their guilty verdicts. On
the matters of Good and Evil. And some people

Republicans are Evil traitors to our flag,
warring to kill America for Satan as the
good for nothings. Under the new Johnny
Presidency, America will stand proud and
strong as freedom being Justice for
everyone. You included.

Why Do Americans Hate God?

CNN reported with video, several children
wounded in Syria, that they blamed on the
government, with out anything whatsoever
offered to form such a conclusion.. while
OPENLY refusing to defend the countless
children gunned down by NATO's appache
helecopters freely admitted by the demonic
bushite grunters of the for real ANTICHRIST
of Revelation. Why is America so ungodly
evil to not forward a real demand for
liberation here and now from their naked
war crime TV treasons to God and Mankind?
Forward this post or be held in contempt.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy ‘We Will Punish
Anyone Visiting Websites That Justify Terrorism’

Sarkozy's "we" is al-Qeada, unless the thief
has turned a new leaf and is talking about
all those that have visited whitehouse.gov,
for Obama and Hitlery mass murdered US
innocent civilians for Al-Qeada in Libya
without question, being in violation with
OUR U.N. Charter, and all laws to do with
war criming, and as such, needs to promptly
be publicly arrested with everything NATO,
as for sure, with the worst of war criminals
ever known of in all recorded history.
Gadaffy was doing everything asked of
himself, and as such, was not found in
violation with US. They stole all the
nation's money while mass murdering
countless innocent Peoples indiscriminately
with tens of thousands of random unwarranted
bombing strikes. Sarkozy is a war criminal
pro al-Qeada sympathizer, warring our worlds
for the final escape of Bush and Cheney here
on 9/11 Obstructing freedom. That's just
the facts he wishes to steal more of our
innocent lives with as this denied one as
all. King Johnny for President.

Panetta Channels Albright: A Million Dead Iraqis Worth It

Saddam was not in violation, as did everything
plus more that was asked of himself. The war was
causeless, to do nothing but indiscriminately
slaughter innocent defenseless Humans being. Who?
You as whoever and me as we dying to be free of
unjust tyranny. God's natural will, (as is ours),
is to be just, benefiting one as all. Magic TV's
inhuman criminal will of non-opinionated Republican
Demonrat's continuing injustices, robs US all of
our Humanity, as too was of near every last cent
of the U.N.'s "Iraq Development Fund". Including
don't forget, more than a trillion from American
teen Soldiers still mindlessly dying for blindly
continuing with their 'infallible' godless SATANIC
evil tyrannies of silence for my honorable demands
of Justice now for this forsaken world. I am Good.
Vote for me. King Johnny for President.

Bushite 'I don't care to forward this
post to save the life of innocent
Americans. Where's the money in that?'

Romney is Officially a Commie!!
- Bain Capital is Secret Police of China -


/ / When Mitt Romney talks about "getting tough on the Chinese,"
people didn't realize that he meant the Chinese people, not their

It's a blind trust! That was Romney's
defense this week, even though he called
blind trusts for politicians an "age-old
ruse" when he ran against Ted Kennedy
in 1994. \ \

King Johnny for President - because
everyone else is taking us for fools.

'Romney Doubles Down on Statement That Iran
Will Get Nuclear Weapon if Obama is Re-Elected'

See the exercise of the truly
Satanic? Romney has no real reason
to believe such baseless quackery,
but yet, sells it hard to convince
Americans blinded, to willingly
sacrifice their children for DEATH!
to his further war crime greeds
with Obama, Bush, al-Qeada and
the Banksters. We need to be seen
TV supporting the following of
probable cause, as Hammurabi and
every Constitution preaches of
in a free society. Cop shouldn't
be wasting Gadjillions OF TAX DOLLARS
in NYC alone, spying of completely
innocent American peoples doing no
wrong, while not apprehending Larry
Silverstein as accessory to mass
murder on 9/11 with Bush and Cheney
the obstructers for prime example -
as about what the 4th is for.
before showing crooks the
whatfor? I don't think so
partner, this is our day.

King Johnny for President

Bush closed 9/11 police investigations,
and Rightard America is a place of ungodly
cowards for the bedeviling, who sell anything
they can as tv excuses to remain numb on the
subject of Justice denied for You, or anyone
else. This is what it means as true to your
word. I make this stand as any man.
When we win, we all win as a
matter of facts.


Wow eh?? Let me say right
off, we bring good news.

Christ IS Pro-Israel - Down with Satan

"Israel votes 8-6 to ATTACK IRAN"

Eight SATANIC enemies of Creation. Ungodly
demonic war criminals, who's first strike
targets will be innocent Jewish families
in Iran. As these SATANIC enemies of
GOD did against our Lebanon, while then
dropping more than 7,000,000 cluster dud
land mines given by Condi to indiscrimately
slaughter innocent children for generations.
Where's Agelina Jolie or Alex Jones here?
Doesn't care? AJ won't give five honest
minutes to the subject of attempting
first degree mass murder for Satan.
Much like his position regarding
the for real DEMON ANTICHRIST.

Iran Is NOT Building a Nuclear Bomb

Ehud Barak,"We will know early enough
whether the Iranians are ready to give
up their nuclear weapons," Zero evidence.

Think of how truly ungodly Satanic this is
Peoples of Earth. It, the Zionist enemy,
wills to mass murder tens of millions of
US innocent folks for it's ungodly demon
lies, all to escape the wrath of Humanity's
censored cry for Justice against this
specific ENEMY of good will named Ehud
Barak. We are expected to all be lost
in tv made un-certainty, while Satanic
Ehud Barak 'escapes' a rightful death
sentence for his war crimes against

/ / To date, every inspection of Iranian
nuclear facilities has documented that no
nuclear materials have gone missing, and
that there is no evidence of an Iranian
nuclear weapons program the inspectors
have been able to find at all. \ \

/ / The US ambassador to Israel on Friday
said the United States would not remain idle
and be complicit in a second Holocaust. \ \

High treason warranting death. Iran has
not been found in violation with anything
to do as secretly building a nuclear bomb,
falsely alleged blindly by those who
intent to mass murder millions of
innocent Peoples as truly Satanic.


Christ IS Pro-Israel - Down with Satan

IDF to track foreign anti-Israel groups

To be pro-Israel, would mean a demand for
death against every last Zionist war
criminal savaged by the region. You know,
these Satanic [God's words] IDF grunters,
that shoot children for sport, and are
called heroes by the godless culture of
thieves. Those that are paid by American
taxes to torture, to steal in God's holy
name pirated. Again, nothing in the History
of Humanity so vile and evil, than a Zionist
of today that claims it's a Jew with nothing
to say. A Jew like Christ?. They broke the
truce with Gaza to kill innocent children
alive with American white phosphorus. Didn't
claim like a Nazi grunt in NATO to have done
it by accident either. So ungodly evil, the
mind of a human can barely comprehend. NOT
JEWS. Not human, spawns of unholy Satan.
They STEAL Peoples Homes on a routine basis
as a matter of fact, never made present on
the magic tvs of America teens for example
again. Their prisons are filled with innocent
Jews too, never given a day in any court of
Law, for a SATANIC Livini FOR REAL claims,

Livni: I was the Minister of Justice. I am
a lawyer… But I am against law - international
law in particular. Law in general.


Because all Law finds her a rightly guilty mass
murdering Nazi war criminal who breaks truces
to kill off innocent Jews for money. Just like
Hitler. No wonder then why she hates GOD as
Jewish Law eh? Remember: First strike targets
in Lebanon were the Jews, then they went after
the Americans. Listen to "Nazi_Israel.mp3" for
the scoops not scooped. Why? Because Rightard
Americans too, hate the wise man, the good man,
the just man. Makes the males all into the true
Nazi Commie cowards they are, and the Womens in
need of real manliness in these here parts.

/ / “Everyone in southern Lebanon is a
terrorist,” roared the Israeli Justice
Minister \ \

No democracy or religion is going to
vote in rights inferior to the supreme
nazi zionist enemy. A "Jewish State"
is a State where all GODLY people are
treated equally with respect and honor.
As according to Hillel. That is not the
practiced tyrannies of the zionist Israeli
liar, therefore Israel is not a Jewish
State. John has spoken in our own
image, while Israel continues to
victimize the innocent unjustly.

The Israeli Defense Firm That Tallies The Iowa Caucus

They rigged it last time, with Ron
Paul and Alex Jones thanking US
all for the free money, but not
telling, on how it was so clearly
rigged. More Republicans supported
Ron Paul in the 2008 race, than all
the other canditates COMBINED.

Alex Jones "Liberals don't like Bush"
Alex Jones "Republicans are Constitutionalists"

Cause and effect is our true State.
Ron Paul is a Rightard Pinko
Commie, he just is. He really,
truly is.


The Republican TV debate highlighted that
the Social Security monies were stolen,
and what did every last Rightard enemy
of God and Man pronounce on the TV stage
for remedy? Further lawless attack
against the victims, with only TV smiles.
Not one spoke for Justice of the murder
victims on 9/11 in our beloved Libya

Homicide Detective: Illegal to Kill
Dogs but Not Black Kids in Florida

Yea but if a Rightard Bushite grunter
kills a dog for fun, people of the
American community refuse to rise to
put the Rightard into it's grave also.
Just look at what Romney did to his
Dog, and how TV People tell we don't
care to mention it as a leadership
issue. Then again, all a Righard enemy
wants to do is kill Freedom in America.
9/11, Iraq, banksters, health care,
social security, you name it, the
Rightard is the enemy to soldiers
everywhere, and they know it.

Vid of American Rightard killing a Dog

I have many more from 711chan like
operations run by grunts back from
Iraq or Afghanistan who claim to be
heroes for killing thousands of dogs
for strickly pleasure. There is one
commander who covered his jeep in
murdered cat and dog corpses, just
to let God and Johnny as all know
how powerful he was to the helpless,
as fellow grunts under his charge.
One grunt was on the radio recently
regarding this, and murmered almost
that he suspected that tough guy
action got alot of his fellow teen
soldiers shot dead, maybe. Just
for killing Iraqi dogs and cats,
as for not killing their Bushite
traitor commander warring Humanity
for the final escape of Bush
and Cheney over their forsaken
dead bodies.. Look at Mattis still
breathing as traitor to America,
who wars to kill nieve American
soldiers today for the enemy neocon
responsible for 9/11, as cowardly
soldiers say nothing.. Enemies
to God, enemies to Mankind.

More Vote Fraud - Georgia • Must See •

RON PAUL IS A TRAITOR. Just as he and Alex Jones
were in 2008 claiming they couldn't see anything
worth measuring our complaints about after Ron
Paul officially claimed US as losers, as Ron Paul
stated just days ago!. RP doesn't see anything
about Justice lacking here while America dies
victims to GOP heads who just outright say,
'the votes will not be counted', as our RP
delegates weren't counted in 2008 either.

IN 2008

'Ron Paul: Voter Fraud in New Hampshire Substantiated'
BOSTON GLOBE reported also, they appear to have swapped
Ron Paul's totals around with McCain et al - for we
STILL have the records of the GOP heads doing just


/ / After a careful investigation, I have decided
against seeking a recount in New Hampshire. I am
confident that not asking for a recount is the right
decision. [too much trouble for who?]

I carefully considered the arguments for and against
a recount before instructing my campaign staff not
to pursue it. \ \ Like he did too regarding FEMA
stealing billions, while sabotaging Police
communications? Or the banksters? the
Audit of 16 trillion stolen? ect..


Spooky evil shit Ron Paul the whore for
evil is as as a godless sell out for
tyranny everytime. He okayed the bombing
of Afghanstian to escape Bush and Cheney,
that as of too, refused to acknowledge the
treasons they were both guilty of regarding
Iraq also.. trillions extorted, Americans
gang raped by his fellow Republicans he
holds in high esteem, torture, as so on..
"Constitutionalist"? your ass.



Ungodly Satanic enemies of Creation,
are the no good unjust evil doers who
steal Freedom from the innocent hidden
behind our stolen Bibles - as being true
enemies to Christ hanging on this cross
suffering out here for their contempt
for fairness, for Justice, for God,
for Life, for math, for wisdom and
beauty. Dumfuk Nazi grunting thieves
who volunteer to mass murder and torture,
to push their dope while gang raping
America willingly come from somewheres
to due the Satanic biddings of the
'lawless' Demonic ANTICHRIST for
furthering their devolving
hellish slaveries.


Leaked UN report reveals Qeada/NATO torturing,
lynching, and abuse to Everyone in New Libya

This is very misleading. Why? Well,
when Gadaffy first learned, that now
NATO/OBAMA/QEADA's "partner" in war
crimes was torturing a kidnapped Human
Rights Lawyer in Libya, right under his
tent, he ordered every last political
prisoner under false arrests by that guy,
(a guy tied directly to the Bush regime,)
be immediately released. This was BEFORE
NATO started bombing schools, churches,
hospitals, stores, houses, airports,
cars. See? no government buildings
existed, so they had no sellable
excuses from the get go to bomb
anyone dear as war criminals - for
Gadaffy wasn't found in U.N.
violation either.. but for these
WAR CRIMINALS, none of that TV matters,
the main thing was to indiscriminately
mass murder innocent Humanity with
radio-active toxic bombs as ENEMIES
TO GOD, to steal the oil, and banking
as they are attempting to escape all
ourselves with, armed as al-Qeada.
Let's not leave them do that to US
my friends, let's not let them do that.

Obama "Nothing will be gained
by laying blame for the past."
(yes, he really does say this)

Good or Evil?

/ / Audit shows 95% of the funds
for rebuilding Iraq 2007-2009 is
MISSING and 100% from the years
2004-2007 is unaccounted for \ \

Failure to Communicate

Extortion is against the Law in America. Let's
start there.. back on Sept. 18th 2008. Either
we pay them without question, or come Monday
morning, they would run the country into the
ground. Bailed JP Morgan had more than a
trillion dollars in capital, throughout the
entire so labeled "Crisis". Surprising to most
however, is that banksters do not actually cover
our loans, we do. As Extortionists, they
illegally took all our trillions of dollars for
'free' as private individuals. Stupidly. Crazy
man crazy. It's a good thing we're here.

On the Tea Bagger Enemy Chopping Block:
Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid

Rightards lose as COMMIE PINKO liars and
cheats. A FACT is a FACT: Ron Paul is
a True Pinko Commie. Realize: never a
kind request to demand arrests of any
responsible for plunding trillions, and
suckering soldiers for needless deaths,
all to escape Bush and Cheney on 9/11,
he wills to instead deny the knowledge
of just what is a "Public Option", but
not for his elite self as FEHBP decides
not to foolishly grease the pockets of
private insurance breakers. True, Commie
Pinkoes are tricky sometimes, but always
the losers in a world that speaks freely
for the truth to champion our cries for
Liberty. True Liberty. Ron Paul sucks.

"What God is this?"

Nearly 59 million Americans lack health
insurance, of which pay more than double
what Canadians do for universal. Why? So
the intolerant Rightard Alex Jones party
of liars and thieves can rob you further.
As is why Alex Jones wills to not let the
facts be spoken. He's claims himself to
be infallible to his CULT!, and anyone
who critizes him on anything is auto
cointelpro as/or working for his
globalist new world order - oh and the
Antichrist isn't supremely evil beyond
anything ever in History - nuts. Bush
closed 9/11 Police Investigations near
immediately after the mass murder of
Americans occured. Banksters do not
cover our loans. BP removed the
"safety fluid" which CAUSED the
blow up.. Ron Paul sucks,
and so on..

American Parents forced by the state to poison
their child with cancer-causing chemicals

This is war.

15 to 20 US soldiers were involved in the carnage

/ / The Afghan parliamentary mission investigating
the recent massacre of 16 civilians by US forces
in Afghanistan says two women were raped during
the deadly incident \ \ Demonic enemies of Mankind.

Zionist Psychopaths

Godless demonic enemies of Humanity,
"SATANIC" as fortold in the good
book. Realize: they broke a truce
to mass murder, then directing that
innocent "Jews" should be blamed
instead of the SATANIC war criminals
responsible. They NEEDLESSLY (but
to purposefully threaten the lives
of innocent Jews in Israel),
murdered 239 Police officers,
and countless innocent women and
children with white phosphorous,
in a military operation titled,
"Cast Lead". As in, casting the
leads for the for real mass
murder scenes. Admitting as
SATANIC, they broke a truce where
no Jews were being threatened.
Zionists are demonic enemies
of real lovers of God everywhere.


/ / In a bold statement yesterday, [while he
was cornered on a live radio broadcast] presidential
candidate Ron Paul said he [wishwashedly] believes
Republican Party electors committed vote tampering
['maybe'] in the Iowa, Maine, and Nevada caucuses. \ \

To who on TV? Considering on CNN days ago, he
suggested no such thing? And how is it bold?
The Maine GOP head told us eons ago that the
votes would not be counted fairly, (as they
weren't in 2008 either while Ron Paul and
Alex Jones reported we were all cheated fair
and square, nothing to see here..), and
Maddow covered this freely too of the
Rightard's silent contempt for freedom
everywhere. Now after Ron Paul screws
everyone on Justice for million$ willed, he
actually states, 'Dr Paul has appealed to
anyone who can find or produce evidence to
do so. He is too busy with the campaign.'

Too busy to save America from the banksters
who stole trillions? Too busy to demand
9/11 prosecutions?, for after all, Bush
and Cheney called an immediate halt to
such truly Patriotic activities.. How
about the millions dead in Iraq? or the
al-Qeada war crimes in Libya by Obama,
Ban Ki Moon, NATO and the ICC? that
traitor Ron Paul and Alex Jones blames
"big government" or effeminate males for?
How about the trillions stolen by the
Pentagon? Vaccines? FEMA? Evil fuckers.

Note: "big" is relative.

New study: Radiation treatments create cancers

King Johnny for President

Obama Executive Order: US can seize any
American person without legal reason or
STEAL any American resource as THIEF

Fast & Furious: included grenades

/ / Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms
and Explosives (ATF), grenades and
explosives may have also been allowed
smuggled \ \ TO MURDER COPS WITH.
We need some serious arrests here.
Not "may have". Included in the shipments
was directions on how to re-gadget the
American grenades into land mines to
murder the innocent with. And as reported
in the WSJ to name one, the for sure
guilty perp responsible, was let go by
the "State Attorney's" office., with we
can only presume to be millions too. A
CRIMINAL action that could only have
happened at the direct request of
Obama the therefor Cop Killer.

Bushite 'I don't care to forward this
post to save the life of innocent
Americans. Where's the money in that?'

Mitt Romney IS Go
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Jim Wilkins

PostPosted: Mon Sep 17, 2012 2:47 pm    Post subject: Re: HMS Revenge -into Dreadnought Reply with quote

"a425couple" <a425couple (AT) hotmail (DOT) com> wrote in message
news:k37gr732d4b (AT) news3 (DOT) newsguy.com...
...> Would you care to look at this one & offer info.?
Probably one generation earlier
(or, the first modern battleship).

hnsa.org is a good source for old naval technical manuals:

"the gentlemen of the split-field optics manning the rangefinders
before the bridge; and the gentlemen of the telescope manning Director
Firing Control in the spotting top."

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Keith W

PostPosted: Mon Sep 17, 2012 6:14 pm    Post subject: Re: HMS Revenge -into Dreadnought Reply with quote

a425couple wrote:
"Moramarth" <Moramarth (AT) moramarth (DOT) demon.co.uk> wrote in message...
"a425couple" <a425cou...@hotmail.com> wrote:
#3B, if that is not an optical rangefinder, where
is the rangefinder?
#3C, where does the primary gunfire director
crew sit/work?
Just aft of "B" turret is a small turret-like structure with two
ports on the front - that's the Director Control Tower. The Range
Finder is the rectangular structure across the back of this. There
is a similar but smaller backup installation just forward of "X"
turret, a conning tower with a smaller rangefinder on the roof.

I thank you, and everyone else that responded, very much.

Would you care to look at this one & offer info.?
Probably one generation earlier
(or, the first modern battleship).

I would believe I see the primary gunfire control director station
just forward of the rear stack. (with rangefinder).
If that is correct, how many men do you figure
sat inside that station?

As built Dreadnought had two control positions, one on top of
the foremast and another on the roof of the signal tower. Each
had a 9ft Barr and Stroud rangefinder and fed them to a mechanical
computer and range clock in the control position below them.

Later extra rangefinders were fitted to the compass platform and to
A turret and fire control refitted with a Dreyer Table

The foretop crew would be relatively small.

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peter skelton

PostPosted: Mon Sep 17, 2012 6:38 pm    Post subject: Re: HMS Revenge -into Dreadnought Reply with quote

"Keith W" wrote in message
news:IwL5s.310240$pt3.279070 (AT) fx25 (DOT) am4...

a425couple wrote:
"Moramarth" <Moramarth (AT) moramarth (DOT) demon.co.uk> wrote in
"a425couple" <a425cou...@hotmail.com> wrote:
#3B, if that is not an optical rangefinder, where
is the rangefinder?
#3C, where does the primary gunfire director
crew sit/work?
Just aft of "B" turret is a small turret-like structure
with two
ports on the front - that's the Director Control Tower.
The Range
Finder is the rectangular structure across the back of
this. There
is a similar but smaller backup installation just forward
of "X"
turret, a conning tower with a smaller rangefinder on the

I thank you, and everyone else that responded, very much.

Would you care to look at this one & offer info.?
Probably one generation earlier
(or, the first modern battleship).

I would believe I see the primary gunfire control director
just forward of the rear stack. (with rangefinder).
If that is correct, how many men do you figure
sat inside that station?

As built Dreadnought had two control positions, one on top
the foremast and another on the roof of the signal tower.

had a 9ft Barr and Stroud rangefinder and fed them to a
computer and range clock in the control position below them.

Later extra rangefinders were fitted to the compass
platform and to
A turret and fire control refitted with a Dreyer Table

The foretop crew would be relatively small.

I had thought they came later, but, on looking it up I find
that 'range clock' first referred to what later became 'fire
control clock', the name 'range clock' having apparently
been taken over by the big dials mounted on capital ships
post-Jutland to show gun elevation to ships ahead and
astern. (If anyone has the details I'd be interested.)

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2012 1:29 am    Post subject: Re: HMS Revenge -into Dreadnought Reply with quote

"peter skelton" <skeltonpg (AT) yahoo (DOT) ca> wrote in message...
"Keith W" wrote in message
a425couple wrote:
"Moramarth" <Moramarth (AT) moramarth (DOT) demon.co.uk> wrote in
"a425couple" <a425cou...@hotmail.com> wrote:
#3B, if that is not an optical rangefinder, where
is the rangefinder?

Thank you Jim, Keith & Peter.
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 24, 2012 5:09 pm    Post subject: try to integrate the painting Reply with quote

Hello everyone,

a sample source can be found at Sylvie LOVRIC
what do you think about the painting pretreatment and the particular case of the stencil management?

Before debating about the painting , this site seems appropriate:

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 28, 2012 6:29 am    Post subject: when talking about the painting Reply with quote

Hi everyone.

you can find some ideas at
how do you cope with the painting optimization?

When talking about the painting , you can find some ideas at http://www.redraggallery.co.uk
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